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Celiac disease is the autoimmune disorder that sets off a number of unwholesome, sometimes painful, symptoms as a result of a gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant person’s consumption of gluten.

Learning what is celiac disease and identifying its symptoms can bring you closer to understanding and appreciating the sensations of discomfort after the consumption of gluten, even if not diagnosed with the disease.

what is celiac disease

The human body’s autoimmune system identifies a chain of peptides within gluten. It earmarks these peptides as an unwelcome invader. It then proceeds to launch an attack against it. This ferocious attack consequently affects the villi. The villi are small projections lining the small intestine. They are responsible for the body’s ability to absorb its nutrients. But if such an attack is allowed to continue unabated and unchecked, the body’s ability to absorb its essential nutrients is negative impacted.

This leads to malnutrition and weight loss, two of a number of symptoms of the celiac disease. When such attacks occur repeatedly, the villi ultimately get damaged. Other symptoms related to the celiac disease and such attacks are bloating, gas, diarrhea, lethargy and a slow recovery process. Unabsorbed nutrients are left for bacteria in the stomach to digest. This triggers the response that causes bloating and gas, as well as stomach cramps.

Diarrhea ultimately occurs as a result of the lack of absorption of essential nutrients. Fat contained in food are broken down by bacteria. Fat is converted into fatty acids and these too result in diarrhea. It could be possible to identify such a symptom early on. Simply be conscious of any sensations of acidity in the stomach. Ignore this and the floodgates are opened, because once diarrhea strikes it appears to be never ending.

Weight loss is a typical symptom for sufferers of this rare disease. Loss of weight occurs because the body is not able to absorb its fats and calories from food ingested. Lethargy or tiredness occurs due to ongoing inflammations. During inflammations chemicals in the body are being released and these lead to feelings of tiredness. Due to extensive battles against inflammation and indigestion, the body recovers quite slowly from any other form of exertion, even if it is healthy.

While there is no known cure for the celiac disease, it is still possible to live comfortably and pain free by way of switching to a strictly gluten free diet.

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